Café L'Noyer

We aspire to bring rustic yet modern Café and Bakery place in Southern California that offers unique combination of breakfast, lunch and supper options along with selection of special occasion cakes and pastries.

Café L’Noyer is a realization of that dream.  We offer wide selection of Sweet and Savory pies, breakfast and lunch tartines, healthy soups and salads, breakfast pastries, special occasion cakes and other delicacies like macarons.

Most Popular

Roasted Chicken with Kale 

Premium cut chicken breast, kale, with dijon aioli on multi-grain wheat bread with roasted leek and pickled mustard seeds on top.


Banana Cream

Loaded with hand sliced banana and topped with real whipped cream. Pearl chocolates on the top.


Chicken with Vegetables

Baked white chicken breast, carrots, potatoes, onions in L’Noyer béchamel sauce with hint of lemon in flaky handmade crust.


Almond Frangipane

Classic version of the breakfast pastry with a sweet almond filling or frangipane swirled throughout the dough and topped with toasted almonds baked right on the top.


Best Seller

Lemon Meringue


Filled with delicious lemon curd and meringue on the top in a handmade flaky pie shell.

Banana Cream


Loaded with fresh bananas and topped with housemade whipped cream. Pearl chocolates on the top.

Chocolate Hazelnut


One of the best French premium chocolate layered with nut butter & whipped cream. Hazelnut and chocolate nibs on top.

Apple Walnut Streusel


Sweet and tart juicy apples come together with housemade walnut streusel to make our most popular pie. Caramelized walnut on the top.

Mixed Mushroom


Mix of Button, Shimeji and Enokitake mushrooms, potatoes, onions simmered in L’Noyer béchamel sauce with hint of lemon in flaky handmade crust.

Chicken with Vegetable


Baked white chicken breast, carrots, potatoes, onions in L’Noyer béchamel sauce with hint of lemon in flaky handmade crust.


Awesome Awesome food. Great lunch spot. I had chicken pot and soup, and they were perfect. Great taste and healthy. Wish I would have taken pictures but it didn't last long.

Brock A.

Ok- this place is INCREDIBLE!! We just wanted to try something different than the usual chain breakfast places... And we wanted some uniquely authentic and tasty breakfast food! Cafe L' Noyer definitely has all of that. The avocado toast was amazing and topped with beets, micro greens, goat cheese, and other good stuff! We also tried the almond croissant- INSANELY delicious! Make sure you tell them that you want it warm. My eggs and Brie were great as well! So many unique and different items, and the owner makes ALL of them right there! We met her, she was super nice, and all the food here is delicious! Small, well decorated, quite place with unique pastries, pies, and breakfast and lunch foods! Just GO! You'll love it!

Katlin H.

Omg so good! And different. Soup was really creamy and yummy and I have discovered tartin's are so much yummier than sandwiches. We also tried the macaroons for dessert and those were amazing too. We are definitely coming back and bringing the rest of the family.

Kira S.

"…..There were many vegetarian options and I wanted to try all of them. If I lived closer, I'd be a regular. I had the asparagus soup and jalapeno cheese croissant. Both were excellent. My husband said he wished there was more inside his ham and cheese croissant but I disagree. The savory fillings were just enough without making it too dense. Even with the filling, the croissants were so light and fluffy. My kids loved the flavored milk.

J C.

The BEST breakfast in South County. The food is exceptional and quality made. The pastries are surreal. I've been looking for the perfect "best kept secret" breakfast shop for years and finally found it. Shhhh

Adam S.

The pastries at this place are amazing!!! We stopped by while getting our nails done and it is a total FIND!!! Homemade every morning. The croissants are flaky and amazing. Unique flavors!! Cool, industrial decor. I can't wait to come back and try their lunch and dinner!!!!

Jenn C.

Seriously... what a little gem! Awesome food! Way good pricing! Stoked with the chicken kale tartine and roasted veggies. Ate it so fast forgot to take a photo. Highly recommend if you want something just a little different and tasty 🙂

Chet F.

A little hipster place! Really nice people! Accommodating gave me exactly how I requested my order. Breakfast scrambled egg with all of the add-ons in a fresh baked morning croissant. Only place I know in south county that has real Indian tea: masala, cardamom, & ginger. I've only had the cardamom and it's FIRE! Next time I'm gonna have one of their pies, those look too good!!

Talha A.

My friend and I dropped in to give the new restaurant a try, and we are so glad that we did! I had the smoked salmon tartine with celery potato soup, and Stacy had the avocado tartine with the bean soup. We finished with a jalonaise. We were delighted with the food, the service, the atmosphere. We will certainly return.

Barbara B.

Have enjoyed pastries and coffee a couple of times and one breakfast with the family. Pastries are really well executed and delicious.  Omelettes are great.  The staff are great, and super friendly.  What's not to like? I think we're going to be regulars

Ken H.

Café L'Noyer

28181 Marguerite Pkwy #21,
Mission Viejo, CA 92692, USA

+1 949-415-5315

Mon - Fri • 8:00AM–5:00PM
Sat • 9:30AM–5PM
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